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Private Eyecare - Man Wearing New Glasses

Would Your Eyes Like a Little Extra TLC?

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Give Your Eyes A Little Extra TLC with



We now offer our Advanced Eye Examination in our Blackwood branch, allowing us to give you the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing you have had the most thorough eye examination we can provide.


Advanced optometry is for those who want to take the very best care of their eyes. After carefully discussing your situation with you, your optometrist will conduct a highly detailed examination of your eyes, including the appropriate use of the latest techniques and technology, making sure to explain what’s happening at every stage.


After consideration of the findings your optometrist will then create, and carefully explain, a tailored eye health plan that details exactly how you can best look after your eyes and recommend an appropriate programme of follow up appointments.


Give your eyes a little extra TLC with our Advanced Eye Examination.

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GIG CYMRU NHS WALES & General Opticial Council
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