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Emergency Eyecare

Emergency Eyecare

If you don't need to call 999 but need to speak to someone now,

give us a call.

If you have any concerns about your eyes at all,

see or speak to one of our optometrists straight away.

We're Here For You In An


Our optometrists at Bateman Opticians are accredited to provide emergency appointments free of charge under WECS (Welsh Eye Care Scheme). We also have the facility to prescribe medication and therefore treat the vast majority of eye conditions within our practice.


Please do not hesitate to come in with:

Red, sticky or painful eye
Sudden floaters or flashes
Sudden loss of vision
Double vision
or any other sudden eye problems

We provide emergency appointments daily in our Blackwood branch.


Please call us to book an emergency appointment on 01495 229902 (Blackwood) for our experienced staff to book you in appropriately, as unfortunately, we cannot offer these on our online booking system.

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