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Eye examinations

Bateman Opticians, and previously Peter Hong Opticians, have been providing eye examinations in Blackwood for 30 years. As a long-established, independent opticians, we provide a personal, caring service.

Many eye problems have no symptoms at first, so going to regular eye examinations means that any problems that may be affecting your eyes can be spotted early and treated before any permanent, long-lasting damage is done. We can see patients aged from 12 months to 100 years old, so age is no barrier!

Our passion is to deliver high quality eye care to all our patients in a friendly, professional and caring environment. We always take the time to understand your needs in detail and carefully explain our recommendations. We carry out a thorough investigation of your vision, assess your eye co-ordination, examine your eyes for possible health problems, and offer advice on any specific occupational or recreational needs, and if you need a correction to help you see. This may involve obtaining a pair of spectacles or contact lenses to help improve your visual quality. After your eye examination you will be advised of any further requirements and how long it will be before we next would like to examine your eyes.
We are committed to ongoing professional development and the training of support staff in order to maintain the highest standards of clinical care and service.

Our Optometrists undertake a rigorous continuing education programme ensuring that we provide a service that is based on best practice from around the world.

We currently have clinics available 6 days a week. All our Optometrists are trained and qualified to also carry out the WECS examinations.


Eye Examination Fees Explained

At Bateman Opticians we believe that whatever your eligibility you should have the most comprehensive examination we can offer. Our Optometrists recommend the Enhanced Eye Examination for all so we can provide you with the most appropriate care and recommendations by spending an extended time with you, at a cost of just £60. Our charge reflects the high quality of our resources, our well trained and professional staff, the extensive leading edge technology used by our Optometrists and the time required for the comprehensive procedures involved, which includes the latest OCT eye scanning technology. OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a new imaging technique that provides high resolution and cross-sectional images of the eye. In short it gives us opticians a very unique look at the retina and a real accurate representation of your actual eye ball. It is particularly useful in the diagnosis and management of eye conditions such as age related macular degeneration, diabetic macular oedema, macular hole and glaucoma, and is completely non-invasive. Because of the technology, Optical Coherence Tomography allows us to diagnose eye conditions (as mentioned above) much earlier than any standard equipment could detect. This appointment lasts a minimum of 40 minutes.

We will also continue to accept applications from NHS patients, which which will be either be at a cost of just £35 for our Enhanced Eye Examination, or at no charge for a standard NHS eye examination.


We also pride ourselves on being contact lens specialists.

There are many different options available, from those who wish to wear them occasionally for sport or socialising, to patients who want to wear them all the time for many reasons including convenience and visual acuity. We also fit more complex cases, such as patients with high prescriptions or keratoconus.
There have been huge advances in recent years, improvements have been made in:

  • Quality of vision
  • The materials used, improved comfort and more oxygen allowed through the lens
  • Range of powers
  • Ease of use

Many people who were previously told they were not suitable for contact lenses, will be now! So don’t be put off if you have been previously.

Please find below some useful videos on Presbyopia and Astigmatism.


What is Presbyopia?


Understanding Astigmatism

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