Congratulations on making your first step towards wearing contact lenses!


Contact lenses are a fantastic way to gain greater freedom of vision, however as medical devices they also need to be treated with care and respect. Your optometrist should have already given you information on how to care for your contact lenses; the information below is to supplement this.

  • Always follow the instructions given to you for safe lens wear by your optometrist

  • Always wash your hands before handling the contact lenses; before inserting and removing

  • Always have a pair of up to date spectacles; could you manage if you couldn’t wear your lenses?

  • Give your eyes a rest from your lenses in the evenings and at least one day a week if possible

  • Have a regular (as advised by your optometrist) contact lens check and full eye examination

  • Don’t wear lenses longer than advised by your optometrist

  • Don’t sleep in contact lenses unless prescribed

  • Don’t let anyone else use your lenses

  • Never use tap water to rinse your lenses

  • Don’t shower, bath or swim in lenses

  • Don’t wear lenses if they are split or damaged; come in and get a replacement


Reusable contact lenses

  • Rub and rinse to clean your lenses every day with the multipurpose solution prescribed. Never change the solution you are using without consulting your optometrist.

  • Use fresh solution every day – even if not wearing your lenses the solution must be changed every three days

  • Change your case and solution bottle monthly

If you have REDNESS, PAIN, IRRITATION or BLURRED VISIONREMOVE YOUR LENSES IMMEDIATELY, then contact us on 01495 229902 as soon as possible. Outside of these hours seek medical advice from your GP or from the A&E department at your local hospital.