Simply put, Eyeplan® is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value from
your local independent optician – Bateman Opticians.

There are Eyeplan® schemes that take care of members whatever stage of life they are at or
whether they prefer contact lenses, glasses or both.


The Benefits:
In exchange for a small monthly fee, Eyeplan® members receive a number of different benefits, based around the Eyeplan® core values; care, quality and value:

  • Inclusive Eye Examinations as frequently as a member wishes
  • We will be able to offer you great value on eye wear
  • Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles bought with Eyeplan®
  • Discounted family membership

Moreover, Eyeplan® members receive the peace of mind that their eyes and eyewear are under continual care.

We also offer Eyeplan®Complete, whereby you can pay for your new glasses in monthly installments!


Eyeplan® – Care, Quality and Value

Children's Eyecare

Children often won't complain of any problems with their vision, even when there is a problem. The vision they experience is normal for them. That's why it is important for children under the age of 16 to be seen at least every 12 months for an eye examination, so that any issues can be dealt with before they start causing a problem.

Our Optometrists recommend taking your child for regular eye examinations from 3 years old, however we have seen children from the age of 12 months, and are happy to do so particularly if there are any concerns. Children often have a school screening, but this is no substitute for an eye examination. Book an appointment with one of our friendly Optometrists today.