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A happy mature couple wearing glasses

High Quality, Personal Eyecare For The Whole Family

Give your eyes the care they deserve

Family friendly, professional and stylish opticians in Cardiff and Blackwood.

Give your eyes the


they deserve

Your eyes are unique, so the care we provide for them should be too!


Our optometrists allocate just the right amount of time to give your eyes' unique requirements, and to offer the most suitable treatments for you.


We proudly offer services to private and NHS patients alike, and provide quality eyecare to children and adults of all ages. So book an appointment now and let us give your eyes the care they deserve.

A couple laughing wearing sunglasses

Had a scare with a visual migraine, Bateman Opticians thoroughly and completely inspected my eyes, put me at ease, well done 👓 🥇

Jan S.

Get the


you've been looking for

When you have trouble with your vision, glasses bring the world back into focus - but they're not just for helping you see better!


The right glasses should be comfortable, stylish, and compliment your unique personality.


Our talented dispensing team are here to help you find the perfect pair (or pairs!) of glasses for your personality and lifestyle.

A young woman selecting glasses

Bateman Opticians have changed my working life offering Vista Mesh lenses. Daily, office headaches a thing of the past!

Sarah A.



for comfort and freedom

Whether it's for sport, comfort, your unique eyecare plan and or for simple style, contact lenses are a great solution.


Breakthroughs in contact lens technology mean that they're always getting more comfortable, more durable, and open to a wider range of prescriptions.


Talk to our team today to discover the most comfortable contact lenses for your eyes.

A young man wearing contact lenses

An excellent and very thorough eye examination. I have been suffering with dry eyes for several years now so it's been great to finally find a solution recommended by Elliot that is working! A very friendly and welcoming Opticians which I would definitely recommend!

Christine W.

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